Saturday, December 5, 2009

Difficult Lesson

Earlier this week, God laid a song on my heart that I love. "Breathe" by Isa Couvertier & Dani Johnson. It speaks to my heart. It holds such meaning in just a few words. If you have never heard it, well . . . well then, you need to! You just need to hear it to see what I'm talking about.

It has been 4 months since I have worked. I was getting really angry with God. I didn't understand why I had to continue going through this. I mean, seriously, what is the deal? I look around and it seems as if everyone in my church family is suffering, too, in some form or another. Why? I just don't understand. We love you Jesus. Please help me to understand. Please open my eyes. Take away my anger and frustration. Take away my feelings of hurt and pain. Show me, Lord, how we are going to make it through this difficult time. You KNOW that we need my income to make ends meet. You know that I am broken. Not just financially, but emotionally.


I was reading updates from friends online and came upon a link to one of my favorite people. She was having a live Ustream tonight. So, to fill in the time before it started, I started watching her last one from August 2009. So many things touched my heart. But the biggest is the scripture passage that she spoke on:

Hebrews 11:6

6And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

the word "reward" in greek means "pays wages"

the word "earnestly" means "not distracted by anything unrelated to the goal; purposeful; devout"

How could I have forgotten one of my favorite scriptures? :

Jeremiah 29:11 11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

He gives me HOPE. He gives me a FUTURE. He has plans to PROSPER me and NOT to HARM me! I have FAITH and seek HIM earnestly. . . so why do I allow my situation to dictate my emotions and reactions?

Because I needed to be reminded. Reminded that HE loves me. Reminded that He has plans for me and that he will prosper me. And my church family, too.

When I stopped to think about it: He HAS sustained me through all of this. He HAS shown me how BLESSED I am and given me the luxury of spending more time with my family. More time with my child, which was something that I had prayed earnestly about.

Thank you Lord. For my circumstances. For my life. For my family. For my church family. For my home. For my food. For the freedom to worship you freely and share you freely with others!

I will now wait, as patiently as I know how, to hear from you on what is next.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sunny Day!

The Fall & Winter months always tend to bring on a feeling on melancholy for me. But I am thankful for today! It is sunny and my house if FULL of sunlight! Thank you Lord for the sunshine and the warmth I feel when it is bright outside!

Friday, November 13, 2009

My Life ~ Working From Home

Working from home has really given me the opportunity to do some reflection on my life.

If I had continued to work for someone else, then I never would have had the chance to take my son to school and pick him up EVERY DAY since he started school! I would not have been able to share in his excitement when he is picked up and hear his stories of how each day has gone. I would have missed out on all of that! I thank GOD that I am able to be home and share with my family.

When I see other moms that have to go to work every day outside of the home, I feel their pain. I remember how that was. I remember not being able to see my son during waking hours. I remember the weeks of 65+ hours of work during Monday thru Friday. Trying to play "catch-up" on Saturdays and Sundays with my sleep, laundry, time with family and anything else that I missed throughout the week.

One thing that I still have trouble understanding, though. . . When people ask me what I do and I tell them and then, also let them know that I can teach them to do the same thing, they want to stay in their J-O-B. OK. That's fine. I was like that once. I used to depend on a weekly paycheck from some other company. If it is all that you ever knew, then it is difficult to see how you could do anything else. But, I have also found that there are people out there that "get it" and are EXCITED about the opportunity to be able to work from home and create their OWN DESTINY.

You see, I can plan my days around my life. I can do what I feel God calling me to do. That is to help others. I never thought that I would be one of those moms that stayed home and liked it. Funny thing is, I LOVE IT! I wish I had more kids! Ah, well. . . someday, maybe.

For now, I will enjoy my life, my family, and MY JESUS!

Psalm 96 (New Living Translation)

Psalm 96

1 Sing a new song to the Lord!
Let the whole earth sing to the Lord!
2 Sing to the Lord; praise his name.
Each day proclaim the good news that he saves.
3 Publish his glorious deeds among the nations.
Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.
4 Great is the Lord! He is most worthy of praise!
He is to be feared above all gods.
5 The gods of other nations are mere idols,
but the Lord made the heavens!
6 Honor and majesty surround him;
strength and beauty fill his sanctuary.

7 O nations of the world, recognize the Lord;
recognize that the Lord is glorious and strong.
8 Give to the Lord the glory he deserves!
Bring your offering and come into his courts.
9 Worship the Lord in all his holy splendor.
Let all the earth tremble before him.
10 Tell all the nations, “The Lord reigns!”
The world stands firm and cannot be shaken.
He will judge all peoples fairly.

11 Let the heavens be glad, and the earth rejoice!
Let the sea and everything in it shout his praise!
12 Let the fields and their crops burst out with joy!
Let the trees of the forest rustle with praise
13 before the Lord, for he is coming!
He is coming to judge the earth.
He will judge the world with justice,
and the nations with his truth.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

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~ Since taking the kids vitamins, my son doesn't get sick as often as many of his friends.

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I could go on and on with examples, but I think you get the picture.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

School Pictures

Yes, it is that time of year again when the kiddies all get to bring home their illustrious portraits that we buy through the school that inevitably has something in disarray. I remember when I was a little girl that I had pictures taken each year at school and I always hated them. They were so blah. I guess that is why I took up photography as a hobby and generally take my son's pictures myself. Well, this year was my son's first real school pictures. He wanted me to comb his hair so that it looked nice and I dressed him a an adorable heavy knit, striped, long sleeve shirt. Perfect for a little boy that is truly the epitome of the "All American Boy".

Living in the Southeast, you can't always determine what the weather will be like. Apparently before it was time for the pictures, my son got hot and decided to take off his shirt and wear only his undershirt. I had told him that he could do this, but to be sure he put on his long sleeved shirt for the photo. Well, I guess he didn't remember that part and he told me on the way home from taking the pictures that he had not worn his long sleeved shirt. Great. I was not too happy with this and really over reacted. Then I realized what an idiot I had been and apologized to my little guy. I felt like such a bad mom. I mean seriously, it is just a picture and if it didn't turn out so good, then I could just have them retaken. Right?

I proceeded to tell my son a little story about one of the school photos that I had when I was little. My mom & dad had left me with family friends so that they could go out of town to attend a funeral. My mom had left explicit instructions on what I was to wear. SO, the morning of the school photos, I got up and got dressed. I had my mom's friend put my hair in pigtails so that I would be "all pretty". Well, little did I know that my mom hated my hair in pigtails because my hair was so baby fine and straggly looking. So when she got back and found out about the hair-do, she was non too pleased.

Well, he got the biggest kick out of my story and he seemed to feel much better. He even told his dad all about our little stories as soon as his dad got home.

So, he just brought the pictures home. I have already decided to keep them no matter what they look like, simply because of the story that he and I now share.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

School Phone Messages

Today I get a "recorded message" from my son's school that the children have ALL been sent home with VERY IMPORTANT note in their backpacks and that it is VERY IMPORTANT that we read this note. One problem . . . my son has been home since Tuesday, so I had no idea what they were talking about. In my attempts to get in touch with other moms, I don't get any answers because it's Soccer night and no one was home yet. Finally got in touch with a friend about an hour later and it was NOT good news.

A little girl in first grade passed away last night from the H1-N1 flu.

Upon further research online and local newspaper website; Heaven was only 6 years old and was perfectly healthy until October 8th when she came down with it. She has a brother that is in the 3rd grade that is also ill right now.

Please join me in praying for this family:
Father God I ask that you encompass Heaven's family with your love and compassion. We lift up her brother to your healing hand. Father please help him to deal with his sister's death. Heal this family, Lord, hearts and bodies. Show us in their comunity how we can help the family during this time of grief. ~Amen

Monday, October 19, 2009

Is it REALLY possible to work from home?

A friend of mine decided a few years ago that she was going to work part time from home to make some extra cash while she was going to school. NOW it's only a few years later and she has a thriving business! She is a military wife and is able to do her part time business from anywhere in the world that has access to a phone and internet. Shortly after she began working her business, she recruited me as a customer. Funny thing is, I had used the products at various times over the past 20 years and had been getting them through my mom, but I never really knew about the business side of it.

On the most recent assignment that I had with a temp agency, I was working 65 hours a week Monday through Friday and was flat out fizzled by the weekend. I was able to pay off some of our debt and now we only have the usual monthly utility bills and mortgage. But, now I am working from home and showing other moms, dads, & college students how they can too! With the team of moms that I have partnered with, I will likely be able to retire my husband in a couple of years! Can you imagine? He will be 40 next year! I would love to retire him from working for someone else and for us to be able to devote all of our time to building God's kingdom!

Join me!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


If you have been skeptical about the vitamins that I continue to tout as being AWESOME, then PLEASE watch this video. When you decide that YOU want them, too, call me or email me and I will get you signed up for delivery. As a Preferred Customer, you NEVER pay retail price.

Multiple Births; Healthy and Happy

Monday, September 14, 2009

Letter from HELL

This is one of those videos that I keep watching to remind myself to ALWAYS share my faith in JESUS!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Heart & Mouth

Taking my son to school the other day, I came across a church light board that had this on it:

"The window to your heart is through your mouth"

It really made me think. What things do I say that reflect my heart is for Jesus? More importantly: What things do I say that DON'T reflect that?

So many Christians are labeled as hypocrites and it is no wonder. They live a different way throughout the week than they do on Sunday. They talk about going out to the club and getting drunk and sleeping around and then act all "spiritual" and sing praises in church on Sunday morning. Some of them always have something negative to say about others. OR When they hear someone say something about another person that is not so flattering, they chime in with agreement or add their negative information to the conversation.

Can you imagine how this sounds to Jesus?

What about you?

Do you talk about others?
Do you ALWAYS have something nice to say about someone?
Do you take up for others, when others are saying something negative about someone?
OR Do you join in the negative conversation?

Stop for a minute and think about something that you have said about someone TODAY.

Is it something that would make JESUS happy?

"The window to your heart is through your mouth"

Monday, March 16, 2009

OK. . . I have to say something. . .

This Sunday I about spewed my Coca-Cola when I heard our pastor make reference to people that constantly call or email him with complaints about various things about our church.


You see, this is something that has ALWAYS been a pet peeve of mine, too. I mean seriously folks, if you don't like something, then either do something POSITIVE to add value OR KEEP QUIET. I just cannot stand it when people want to make "suggestions" or "complain" about something at church and then have NOTHING TO OFFER. Especially, when it is something TRIVIAL. I mean, if someone is not going to die or get physically hurt because of whatever you are complaining about, then, maybe you need to think seriously before opening your mouth.

You didn't like the music this week?. . . So, it will be different next week anyway.

You felt uncomfortable with the message?. . . Maybe God is trying to tell you something.

You think we need our own building instead of renting the High Shool auditorium?. . . Are YOU going to pay for the land & building? Do you TITHE to help make that possible?

You feel that you are not able to find a church that you "like"?. . . Maybe you need to look inside your heart and see what it is about YOU that makes you feel that way.

You don't like the way the service is set up? . . . Have you thought about volunteering your time to help out?

You wish that there was a specific kind of small group?. . . How about volunteering to lead one in your home?

You see, I have found that when you feel the urge to complain about something in church, it is usually because something is different than what you are used to. Generally, people do not like change.

If you have ever been to our church, well, then you know that our church is different. You see, Pastor Tommy makes no bones about it. . . he preaches DIRECTLY FROM THE WORD OF GOD! This sometimes makes people uncomfortable. At least when you are part of our church, you know where the pastor stands. He stands FIRMLY on the WORD OF GOD! He doesn't act self righteous or like he is better than you because he's a preacher. . . quite the contrary. He will share with you his LIFE and make you aware of his shortcomings, so that you can see that NONE of Christ's followers are perfect. If we were, then we wouldn't need Christ.

Sadly, too many so called "preachers" do not do that. Many pastors that I have encountered over the past several years have either preached "hate" or have preached "acceptance" of things that are completely against God's Holy Word. Or worse, they completely skirt the issues at hand and never seem to broach the "controversial topics". They have leaned too much on "political correctness".

I believe that if there is something that you do not agree with or want something changed, then you need to be part of the SOLUTION. Join a Journey Group! Get plugged in! Volunteer your time to help out on Sunday morning! Don't just sit by and let SATAN whisper in your ear.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Letter From Hell

So. . .

You say you are a "christian". You try to live the life of one. You go to church, read your Bible daily, pray throughout the day; for others, you do community service, spend time with widows & orphans, and anything else you believe that God wants you to do.

But tell me. . .


Would this be a letter that you receive from one of YOUR friends?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

12 Year Old Writes & Delivers Speech on Pro-Life!!!

12 Year old "Lia" wrote a speech for a class contest and was told that her topic would not allow her to participate. After hearing and seeing Lia deliver the speech, her Pro-Choice teacher decided to back her and allow her to deliver the speech. She was asked to leave out one line in her speech that read, "[F]etuses are definitely humans knit together in their mothers womb by their wonderful Creator who knows them all by name". After careful consideration, she chose NOT to leave it out and Lia was able to participate with her speech intact.

Ironically, she WON FIRST PLACE in the speech competition!

Friday, February 13, 2009

How do other moms do it?

I have had other moms contact me and ask me about working from home. Some were interested in the businesses that I do, while others really just needed to know where to find information that was NOT a scam. Due to the overwhelming requests I have had, I decided to put together a website that give them all the information that they need. I love to share with other moms (and dads) and give them ideas, resources, and websites that they can turn to for REAL information on REAL work at home opportunities.

My website won't be finished until sometime in March, but one of my favorite resources is the website. Below you will see the new course that is being offered and I strongly recommend that you check it out! It is F-R-E-E and you can TRUST the information that you get through the course. You have definitely got nothing to lose by checking it out. . . and besides, how many times have you "paid" for information on working from home only to be disappointed?!?! Announces Work At Home 101
A FREE online 3 week course designed to give moms a work-at-home starting place.

Most people are curious about working from home. We know others do it, but aren't sure how they do it.'s Work at Home 101 is designed to give you an overview of the choices available that will allow you to work from home. This online course will give you the starting place you've been searching for.

Best of all - it's completely free! CLICK HERE!

Some of the things covered during Work at Home 101:

* Where to Start
* Telecommuting

* Home-Based Businesses
* Avoiding Scams

* Entrepreneur Tips

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thank God for Trials! . . . Really!

We have recently started a wonderful Small Group study on the book of James. Tonight we will go over Chapter 1: 1-18. Now, if you have never read the book of James, you simply don’t know what you are missing. Just those first few lines basically tell me that I am to “consider it pure joy” when I face any kind of trials because the “testing of your faith develops perseverance.” James 1:4 “Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

Now, you will probably think “this lady has totally lost her mind” when you read the rest of my note here. But, I actually DO thank the Lord for the trials that He has seen me through. I count it as a sign that I am in His Will for my life. If I am following the Lord and trusting Him in all that I do, then I MUST be thankful for what he allows in my life. Now, with that said. . . I don’t always necessarily LIKE what I have to go through, but I know in my heart that HE is in control of everything in my life and if HE allows it to occur, then HE will get me through it. James 1:12 “Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.”

In my life, I have had several times when finances were of the utmost concern for me. I was always afraid of not having enough to cover the bills. Well, in 1996, I was confronted with my parents splitting up, my marriage fell apart as well, and having to figure out how I was going to make a house payment, car payment, credit card payments and utility payments on my meager $20,000 salary. Since I had been depending on my husband’s salary to pay a good portion of things, this really stressed me out. However, when I gave it all to God to handle, I was able to get a second job working 60 hours a week (nd getting overtime for any hours over 40). With this job, I was able to pay off my car, the other bills and pay ahead on my mortgage. God got me through it.

I remarried in 2002 & had a son in 2004. My son was only 5 months old when he was diagnosed with an infection of E-Coli in his kidneys. For several weeks, we went through grueling tests and treatment, all the while praising God for our son and knowing that He would take care of everything. AND HE DID! We had several people praying for him and prayed OVER him for God to heal him, as we knew that we had dedicated him to God and we believed that God was not finished using him here on earth. While we will likely never know the reasoning behind God allowing this to occur, we have our guesses. We were sent to a children’s urologist that I had heard wonderful things about over the years. And when he got the video results back from the VCUG that our son had done, he was speechless. You see, on the video you could see where there had been a blockage that had stretched the ureter tube coming out of the kidney, but then it didn’t go any farther. Basically, you could see that the blockage had DISSAPPEARED! The way the Dr explained it to us was that if the blockage had gone back into his kidney, we would see it on the video and if it had been “peed” out, it would have stretched the tube all the way down, since it is not an elastic type of tissue. We believe that God used our son to witness to this doctor. He had been a children’s doctor in the area for over 20 years and shortly after that he moved to California.

Now, I am facing surgery. . . for the 4th time. Over the last 3 ½ years I have had trouble with excessive hemorrhaging when I had a menstrual cycle. To the point where I could not go out of the house during that week of the month without a FULL Box of SuperPlus Tampons and a FULL package of overnight pads DAILY! Yes, it was that bad and I was on Iron supplements, my hemoglobin dropped one time below 5 and that was pretty scary, considering my heart was skipping beats. I’ve had 3 D&Cs, 2 hysteroscopy, and other tests and procedures I can’t even remember the name for. NOW, I am scheduled for next Thursday for a D&C, hysteroscopy, and uterine ablation (Novasure). It is supposed to be fairly quick at healing and I should be able to return to work on the following Tuesday. But no more pregnancies for me. I had hoped that we would have more children, but with the quality of life that this is not allowing me to have, I just don’t think it’s fair for my son and family to stay this way without treatment. I have been trying to avoid it for about 4 yrs. Besides, if I am supposed to have other children, then God will provide them too.

You see, God allows stuff to happen so that you can PERSEVERE through it and be rewarded in Heaven. He is such a loving and giving God! You may not like the stuff, but trust in HIM and KNOW that HE will get you through it ALL. He is NEVER CHANGING! And remember, OUR REWARDS ARE IN HEAVEN, NOT HERE!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


What kind of FAITH do you have?

Is it the kind that you LIVE out everyday? Or do you claim to have FAITH, but never really show it in your actions?

Funny how all last week I had been thinking about my faith and how much I rely and depend on God to take care of everything for me. Then today, our pastor speaks on Faith.

I have been keeping account of several of the things that have happened in my life, since really learning to depend on God, and it's really amazing what a testimony it is. I remember a time when I would have had a meltdown if I were to lose my job or for some unexpected crazy bill to come in that I didn't have the money for. But, over the last several years I have come to the realization that I truly do not have any REAL control over anything that occurs in my life. . . only the way I choose to respond to it. That is where my wonderful husband has helped me. He has shown me how to REALLY trust in God and not to "worry" or "stress" over things.

Our life together has been like one of those bad comic books where the good guy always has something happen to him. Of course, we laugh it off. . . what else are you gonna do? Cry about it? Seriously though, every time we turn around it is some major catastrophe, usually when it comes to health or finances. For example, we got a few unexpected hospital bills that the insurance did not cover, we thought we could take care of it when we refinance the house. . . but the house appraised for less than we expected. Then, dear hubby needed brakes on his truck. . . only trouble is, it ended up needing two new rotors, too. . . $950. . . I need my van inspected and it needs four new tires, breaks, and an alignment. And you know that is not going to be cheap. Life is just crazy here. Any way, you get the point. . . and that all happened within 3 days. Yeah, you see what I mean? So, instead of freaking out and wondering how it's all going to work, I look to Him to show me what we are to do about each thing that occurs and HOW he wants us to handle it. Now, sometimes, I have apparently not done exactly what God wanted me to do, and he has gently reminded me. However, I have found that if I do something in error and that I truly believed I was doing what He wanted me to, then He is a loving and forgiving God! Good thing too! Heaven knows I've made my share of mistakes!

Sometimes, I look to heaven and ask Him. . . "How much longer, Lord?!" And, I know that it is a mute point, because it's gonna happen when He is good and ready. Thankfully, I have my FAITH in Him and all that He has planned for me. Christ is my SOLID ROCK that I stand on. . . all other ground is sinking sand! I've LIVED it, not just talked about it. I have prayed and said "Lord, you are just gonna have to take care of this, because I cannot do it on my own." And within literally HOURS, seen him lay something in my lap and it is the answer to my prayer. We have prayed for others and seen Him answer those prayers. . . prayers of healing, prayers of comfort. God is SOOOOO good!

I have become so dependant on God to show me what it is that he wants me to do with everything that occurs in my life, that I sometimes find myself becoming impatient with loved ones that claim to have strong faith, yet do not live it the way we do. <<>>

I am not saying that it is easy. If anything, He tests me at times and I find myself wanting to scream out "enough already". But, then I remember how much He loves me and all of the wonderful things that He has planned for me that I do not even know about yet. . . and it makes it all worth while!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What do YOU think?

"Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. James 4:7

Recently, I have noticed that several of my Christian friends are going through some really difficult times. Whether it be financial, health, or family issues. . . everyone has got "something" going on in their lives. This really hit me just before the holidays.

I see the devil working hard to distract God's people right now. I know, he has been working at it for most of his life. But have you stepped back to take notice of all that is going on around you? I was sitting in my home office the other day, looking out the window, remembering when I was young and the issues we dealt with in our day. They are miniscule compared to what our children have in front of them. I used to wonder what it was like for my grandmother to have seen so much happen in her life time. . . now I know. I mean, there were no TVs when she was a kid, and their phones were what we now call "vintage". I liken that to what I have seen in my lifetime:
  • TV sets have gone from the typical "floor model" to hanging them on the wall
  • Floor stereos that had a turntable & 8 track are now ipods
  • We can now carry our phone with us where ever we go
  • Our cars can be tracked via GPS
  • A 1500 sg ft home when I was a kid was about $55000. Now, it is $165000.
  • The latest "toys" for kids are electronics
  • Atari has evolved into XBox
  • Clothing styles have gone through 2 cycles, full circle

These were just a few of the things that most people my age would be able to come up with pretty easily. But, some of the things that really bother me are:

  • How easily it is for most people to watch TV & movies that have such "filth" in them
  • How busy people are that they do not have time to visit their neighbor
  • How some think that "we deserve everything" and forget about those less fortunate
  • How open people are about their sins, and unrepentance of those sins
  • The TV shows that once did not have a curse word, now are riddled with them and various other things of ill repute
  • How kids today have to deal with gangs, drugs, guns, etc AT SCHOOL
  • People now think that they are "entitled" to whatever they want to buy and will put it on credit to get it. . . never thinking about how much the item is REALLY going to cost
  • How hated Christians are for our belief in the BIBLE and what it says, yet any other religion is "off limits" for anything negative to be said about it
  • How God has been taken out of the very things that we grew up knowing He was a part of

Well, I could go on and on. . . but I think you get my point. The moral decline in our country today is holding true to what the Bible says about the last days. Many people are following "false" teachings and "false" prophets. God told his apostles "Take heed so that no man will deceive you". I think that statement is needed even more today!

Take heed dear one, the time is nigh and it is IMPERATIVE that you stay in the WORD of God! Read your Bible every day, Pray every day, show Mercy to others. People, it is time to wake up and hear the call of God. He loves you and wants you to be with Him in His kingdom someday. He loves you so much, that he sent His ONLY son for you. He is the ONLY way. Do NOT let anyone tell you any different. If you are truly seeking and want to find out more about God, He WILL reveal himself to you. You will come upon irrefutable evidence that HE is THE ONLY WAY!

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