Friday, December 12, 2008


It is the time of year that people tend to give a little more than they do at any other time of year.

Have you thought about how you could help someone less fortunate than you? I know that I have. What kind of difference do you think you could make? One little gesture could be all that it takes to make an unbeliever a BELIEVER! I know that some people are very hesitant to help someone who asks for money or food. But, have you thought about what it is that God may be trying to teach you through that person or circumstance? Take a moment to look over the information I have gathered below and take a chance on making a difference!

Who knows, maybe you can make a difference in someone's life TODAY!
Here are some ideas:

  • Go to and order a box of food for $30, then take it to someone that you know really needs a helping hand this month. If you don't know of anyone specifically, ask around your church, daycare, school. I am sure that someone knows of someone with a need and you could be the answer to that person's prayers.

  • Check out the site and see if there is anyone in your area that you could help out with their need. If not, check out other areas and surprise someone.

  • Volunteer with the Salvation Army. Did you know that if they don't have enough volunteers to ring the bells for donations at the holiday, that they have to pay someone? Can't physically get out there to ring a bell? Then follow the link on my blog and join my Red Kettle Team and start emailing people that you know! Or start your own team!

These are only a couple of examples of ways you can help your community. Take the time to "do unto others". I guarantee that the rewards you feel in your heart will far surpass anything you could have done for yourself!

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