Monday, April 30, 2007

What are you cleaning your home with?

The increase in number of people with allergies, asthma, fibromyalgia, joint pain, headaches, cancer, and various other illnessess seems to have increased significantly, over the last several years. In my researching of various organizations and researchers, I have found that many believe that the cause is from every day household checmicals. NO SURPRISE TO ME! I've been saying that all along!

Now most of you know that I am an AVID fan of Melaleuca. So much so, that I became an Independant Marketing Executive and encourage people to at least TRY their products... Melaleuca has a 95% re-order rate...WHAT DOES THAT SAY?!?

My son and hubby battled asthma and allergies for quite some time, as did I. I started connverting things in my home slowly over to "greener" products BEFORE I found out that Melaleuca had a WHOLE line of "EcoSense" products that were safe for the home AND the environment.

My mom first introduced me to Melaleuca 22 years ago, shortly after they came onto the market. I loved their shampoo and some of their cleaning supplies. But when I moved out on my own, and to another state, I "forgot" about Melaleuca. Then, last year I was researching ways to work from home and came across Melaleuca. I figured I would at least check it out since I already knew how much I loved their products form prior experience. AND they have a 3 month money back guarantee. SO, I converted ALL of my house cleaning, personal hygiene, and nutritional supplements over to Melaleuca.

Within a week, my husband was convinced that their was not a better product out there! His work clothes had never gotten so clean. AND the "scent" that was "natural" in the laundry detergent did not irritate his asthma AT ALL! He is a Welding Foreman, so he comes home quite dirty! As for the cleaning supplies that I use for the rest of the house, he used to go into an asthma attack every time he would come home on a day that I had done ANY kind of cleaning...well, NOW he does a lot of the cleaning himself, because HE CAN. Since the Melaleuca products are safer and non-toxic, they do not irritate his lungs and throat the way other "name brand" cleaners did. He even LOVES their shampoo and conditioner.

Now, you may be what, so he likes the stuff, big deal.. well, this is coming from a HUGE skeptic! ANd he will be the first to tell you that.

My brief testimony on their supplements: I was on high blood pressure meds for a BP of 196/110. After being on their Women's multi vitamin and their mineral supplement for 2 MONTHS, I no longer had to take my BP meds....... AND my BP is 120/70. The reason that I love their supplements so much, is not just becasue of that, but because I KNOW that they are absorbed! Most over the counter supplements that you buy in the stores are not as high quality as theirs are and therefore DO NOT get absorbed into your body by more that 10% or 20%. Whereas with Melaleuca's vitamins & minerals, they are absorbed closer to 80% to 90% due to their patented fruit compounding.

I have gone to seminars and spoke about the importance of KNOWING what you are using in your home. I have given samples out to people to try them so that they could see that the products are of a higher quality. And I have continued to be an online voice.

My mission in life:

My personal vision and mission is to share information and educate others on the danger of the toxic chemicals found in their home and how they can make simple changes that can have a huge impact on their health, their lives and the environment.


I have been wanting to get pregnant again for quite some time, since I would like to have a few more children. Well, I went off of the pill a month ago and I think that I am already pregnant! I won't know for sure for another week, but I have been having some of the same symptoms that I had with my son. I definitely didn't EXPECT for it to happen so fast, but I would just love it if I am! I even dreamed I was having twins...not "identical twins" but one from each of their own egg. Strange, huh? That would be so wonderful! I am simply praying for a healthy, happy baby once again. We have a name picked out for one, but not for two... so this could be quite interesting..or maybe I'm just wishful thinking.

I know that when it is time, I will be Blessed again with a child or two or three or...., whether it is from my own womb or through adoption. I love kids and I am praying that I will have the opportunity to have several more.

My temporary work assignment for my friend will end next Friday and I am looking forward to really working on my home businesses. I am going to miss several of the people there, but it will be wonderful to be able to spend more time with my son and be more of a wife and mother. I just was not cut out for sitting behind a desk all day and not feeling like I am making a difference. I want to share the love of Christ with others and show other moms how they can work from home and make a full time income while only putting in part time hours. I wish someone would have shared this information with me sooner... but here again, everything happens in GOD's time. Thankfully, HE has a plan that is far greater than any we could ever think up and HIS is ALWAYS better for us!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What are these kids thinking!?!?!?!?!?!

OK, now this is just crazy... When I got to my son's pre-school, I found out that ALL of the county schools had been closed due to a "Virginia Tech type threat".

The Richmond TimesDispatch newspaper said "a note was found at the end of the school day yesterday on a bathroom wall saying a shooting would take place today ".

This is getting absolutely idiotic. If only these kids understood the impact of a threat like this. If only they knew. Is this kid one that is having difficulty at home or school or maybe he/she is picked on a lot? WHY can't other kids see the danger in bullying and teasing?!

I remember when I was in school, I used to get so mad at kids that would pick on other kids. I would usually say something to them and end up being part of the teasing, but fortunately, my parents raised me to ignore such dumb stuff. Now, some of those kids that did the 'bullying" or "teasing" are the REAL losers now and have made nothing of themselves, except complete fools. Many of the kids that I know were picked on in school, are quite successful and doing far better that the ones that picked on them. Ironic, huh?! Now, that is what I call overcoming your circumstances!

I hope that the police find out who did this and that the get to the bottom of it. While punishment is necessary, I believe that they also need to evaluate the WHY behind this person's note. God help them!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hormones & Houses

We are trying for #2 and I refuse to take any of my meds, as I feel that since they are not life sustaining medications ...I want to give our baby a fair chance at being healthy. But, wow... the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it all. God Bless my husband! If I had to put up with me during this phase, I think I would have to scream!

He is so patient and kind. Even when he gets frustrated or overwhelmed, he is generally mindful of his actions and reactions. At least when I know for certain whether I'm pregnant or not, it will not be as difficult. Being 38 and working on only #2 is frustrating, but enjoyable. I mean, I had wanted a lot of children, but didn't realize it until I realized that a "Corporate Career" was NOT what I wanted and that didn't come into my realization until I was 35...pretty funny, huh?!

I can't help but wonder, since I have been extremely tired and have been having crazy crazy nightmares! That is what happened when I was pregnant with Eli. I had never had such strange dreams! Not even when I would eat right before bed. (That is when I would have nightmares before I was pregnant) Oh well.

My step sister AND my brother are both buying houses for the first time. I am so excited for them! I remember what that was like! Even the aggravation of all of the stuff you had to get together for the mortgage company was exciting to me. Both of them have been blessed to find such nice homes and such reasonable prices in today's economy! I can't wait to see them once they have moved in and gotten settled! Both of these homes are awesome!

The pictures I saw of my sis's home is exactly what I would have bought for myself if I had the same opportunity when I bought my first house. It is really nice and has a big yard for kids : ) And the fireplace makes the house seem so inviting!

The house my brother is buying, I have actually been in once before, many, many years ago. He is purchasing it from an estate sale of one of his friend's whom recently passed away. It could not have been bought by a more perfect person to live there. He had leved there at one time and had done a lot of landscaping and planted a huge herb garden... he used to be a chef and still enjoys cooking alot!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shooting Spree

Such a sad, sad day.

A day that the world had marked as "holocaust memorial day", Liviu Librescu, a holocaust survivor, reportedly threw himself in front of the young gunman when he barged into Liviu's class. Mr Librescu was a professor of mechanics and enginieering at Virginia Tech.

There were apparently several other acts of bravery and honor.

Gunman: Cho Seung-Hui
A senior at Virginia Tech.
A 23-year-old South Korean resident alien who had a Centerville address.

So much heartache, created by one person. How could someone perform such a heinous crime and then take their own life? I cannot grasp the thought process that must have gone through this young man's mind. The pain... the grief... the agony that he has caused in the hearts of so many. As well as the pain and grief that he has caused his own parents.

Please take time to pray for the survivors and those that are left behind in the wake of such heinousness. They are ALL in much need of our prayers today and in the days to come.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech Tragedy

I don't know how many of you were able to see the information as it unfolded this morning, but it was just awful! A gunman opened fire on campus at Virginia Tech and killed at least 22 people. Both in a dorm and classroom. People were seen jumping out of dorm room and class room windows to escape the horrific scene. One person broke their ankle and another was seen laying n the ground, not moving. They had just had a bomb threat on Friday (April 13th) and had also police had received a written bomb threat on April 2nd. You would expect something like this to happen in Richmond, but not in the quiet little town of Blacksburg, VA.

My heart and prayers go out to the families of everyone affected by this morning's incident.

Dear God in Heaven, we ask that you put your hand over the families of those who have been hurt or killed in this terrible tragedy. Watch over them and keep them in your loving embrace. Help them to cope with this terrible incident and to find peace and comfort in your presence. Heal those that have been hurt, quickly, and comfort those that are dealing with the death of loved ones. ~Amen

Saturday, April 7, 2007


Our friends from NY came in this weekend to visit. B&L. B used to babysit Eli when he was a baby. SHe was the only sitter that I had from the time he was 8 weeks until they had to move back to NY. Her dad & her husband's mom both were ill & needed to have family around. We sure do miss them! But, we enjoy it when we get to spend time with them. We teased about the weather, since they came here thinking that they would get to enjoy the sunny 70's that we've been enjoying for the past 2 weeks.

However, I awoke this morning to a beautiful 2 inches of snow..... in VIRGINIA! OK, now if I were in NY I would expect to see this, but the day before Easter in VA? Well, I am not going to second guess it, because I am loving it! This is like the second snow we ave had all year. It stopped for alittle while, but now it has started flurrying again with great big flakes that look like big fluffy pieces of cotton. B&L must have brought it with them.

My son was funny to watch, as he woke up later this morning & was clinging to my shoulder with sleep in his eyes, he looked up out the back window of the house & put his head back down on my shoulder, only to yank it back up again and say, incrediously, "It's snowin' " All I could think was "wow, that was my reaction, too" It really made me think about what the weather may have been like on Resurrection day, so many years ago.

I am so thankful for all that Christ has done for us. To know that I am saved by grace, HIS grace. I serve an AWESOME God! I sing praises to His Holy Name! I am looking forward to church tomorrow, so that I can sing even more! I miss singing as often as I used to on stage at church. It is so uplifting to be in the worship team. I feel the same way when I am around my Christian friends. I pray that I make others feel good, too. I know that I want others to see HIM in me. I want to do His will. I continue to be in AWE OF HIM! Blessings this day before Resurrection!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Voila! Presto!

Have you seen this? PRESTO CONTEST

Talk about something worth getting!

My 80 year old grandmother will not buy a computer because of all of the negative things that she & my grandfather have heard about computers, but this is something that I am seriously considering purchasing for her. She lives 420 miles away and we only get to see her once or twice a year and this would be a phenomenal way to keep her up to date on my son and my family.

This is something that ANYONE can use! I mean, seriously, it is easier than a fax machine and you can customize the things that you send. Does it get any better than this?
Christian Gifts Of Faith

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