Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My son is so thoughtful!!!

As a mom, you tend to second guess how you are doing with your children.  You wonder if what you are teaching your children is getting through.  Are they compassionate to others?  Do they show God's love?  My son  doesn't ask for anything & could not care less about "name brands".  He loves to do things for others, just to see them smile. God Bless him!  He is so understanding.

Well, yesterday when he came home from school, I got a huge lump in my throat. . . . .

I picked him up from school and he was extremely excited about a fundraiser that his school is doing.  He talked incessantly about the prizes and items he could get for making "x amount" of sales.  I was happy to see him excited about something like this, because it was always a favorite thing of mine as a kid to see what I could "win".  Well . . . he proceeds to tell me about a special item that he could get that would "DOUBLE" the prize money winnings for sales.  I'm thinking to myself that he will use the winnings to buy a new video game or maybe the watch he has been talking about. 
He proceeds to tell me how he can win enough to use for the first installment for his braces.   I get tears in my eyes. You see, we had finally saved enough for the first payment for his braces, when our bank account had an error from a local store that drained our account down to almost nothing . . . that took 3 weeks to get fixed.  During that time, my washing machine broke AND our bladder tank and well pump went bad. SO, we had NO water for over a week and we had to use the money from his braces down payment to pay for the necessary items and are working on saving the down payment, now.  I am using an old Maytag wringer washer from the 1930's so that I don't have to buy a new washing machine & can save money for his braces. But, it looks like it is going to be Summer before we get enough money together to make the first payment of $1000.  I hate that he will have to wait on this, because he is such a thoughtful child.  But I know it will all work out.  It always does.  God takes care of us.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Silent Friend

A few weeks ago my husband and I were discussing the possibility of getting a puppy.  We decided to apply for adoption with one of the rescue groups,  locally.  We did not hear from them for a few weeks so we decided to look elsewhere.  We found another puppy locally, went to visit it and also got to meet a few we others that were available.  I really fell for a little quiet blue pup.  But my husband sort of liked a different one, too.   After spending about an hour with them, we went home and prayed about it.  I was not sure if this was the pup for our family or not.  I needed for God to give me some kind of a sign.

The next morning, my husband asked me which one I thought we should get.  I told him that I was still not 100% sure, but felt like the blue one was for our family.  My son asked me the same thing.  I told him what I had said to his dad.  He really liked the blue one, too.  So, I took him to school and my husband had left for work.  All day, I thought about the possibility of adopting one of the pups from the day before.  But my mind kept wandering from pup to pup.

Finally, I laid down for a brief nap, because of a headache.  When I woke up, a strange thing happened . . . odd names started coming to mind.  Juno.  Gage.  Then, the thought of  "silent one" came to mind.  This led me to getting online and looking up names that meant "silent one".  Nothing really came up for a boy. (that is what the pups were, boys)  Then I put in "silent".  The name "Mykelti" came up.  It means "silent friend".  It was given to a famous person by his (indian) Blackfoot grandfather.  THIS was my sign.  My husband's father was part Indian and God spoke to me on a few occasions through him.  So the BLUE pup it would be.

I told my son about everything & he agreed it was the sign I was looking for.  He and his grandfather had a very close bond.  We went and picked him up that evening.  On the way home my son asked if he could name him "Pepper".  This is totally something that my father in law would have encouraged.  So, his formal name is Mykelti - but we all call him Pepper.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Praying for even the little things

My son & I were talking the other day about praying for even the little things, like a parking space close to the doors of a store when it is raining or to find your keys or something you may have misplaced.  Which also led to us talking about how God uses us to further his plans and help one another.

Well, when I was on Facebook, on Friday, reading through one of the Sellers pages that I subscribe to, I noticed that someone had posted that their child had inadvertently picked up another childs backpack at Pokemon club, thinking it belonged to their brother.  That mom said she would leave the backpack in the school office on Monday.  Well, my child doesn't go to the Pokemon club, but it stayed in my mind.  Then, on Monday I was talking with a friend of mine whom I had not seen or spoken to in a few weeks and she mentioned that her sons backpack was missing since Friday at Pokemon club and he was praying that it would turn up.  I remembered the post I had seen and directed her to the Seller's page and we both messaged the mom.  As it turns out, it WAS his backpack and she was able to get it back.  YAY!

Another prayer answered through HIS people!  I LOVE it when God lets us see HIS work and includes us in on it!

I had been praying that God would help me find a really good deal on some beautiful yarn, because I do alot of gift making throughout the summer.  I kept looking on Craigslist,  at Goodwill, & various other websites, but hadn't found anything.  Then, I happened to look on Craigslist and found a HUGE amount of yarn a lady had posted for $100.  Well, I had saved my  birthday money and some money from Christmas and got in touch with the lady.  Turns out, she had 4 black garbage bags of yarn of various colors and styles . . . all of which I could TOTALLY use!  I picked it up and was amazed at all of the kinds of yarn she had.  I could hardly believe my good fortune!  But, I know my GOD IS GOOD, ALL OF THE TIME!  And I was giddy the whole drive home.  I couldn't wait to show my family!  I mean, it's not like they would be excited about the yarn, but about my story.

I shared this with my son when he got home from school & he laughed and said,  "Gee MOM, I've never seen someone so happy about yarn!"  But, he knew that it wasn't just the yarn.

So, I share this with you all simply to say . . . DO NOT hesitate in your prayers.  God hears ALL of them . . . even the ones YOU may think are silly or small.  NO prayer is silly or small to GOD.

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