Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Praying for even the little things

My son & I were talking the other day about praying for even the little things, like a parking space close to the doors of a store when it is raining or to find your keys or something you may have misplaced.  Which also led to us talking about how God uses us to further his plans and help one another.

Well, when I was on Facebook, on Friday, reading through one of the Sellers pages that I subscribe to, I noticed that someone had posted that their child had inadvertently picked up another childs backpack at Pokemon club, thinking it belonged to their brother.  That mom said she would leave the backpack in the school office on Monday.  Well, my child doesn't go to the Pokemon club, but it stayed in my mind.  Then, on Monday I was talking with a friend of mine whom I had not seen or spoken to in a few weeks and she mentioned that her sons backpack was missing since Friday at Pokemon club and he was praying that it would turn up.  I remembered the post I had seen and directed her to the Seller's page and we both messaged the mom.  As it turns out, it WAS his backpack and she was able to get it back.  YAY!

Another prayer answered through HIS people!  I LOVE it when God lets us see HIS work and includes us in on it!

I had been praying that God would help me find a really good deal on some beautiful yarn, because I do alot of gift making throughout the summer.  I kept looking on Craigslist,  at Goodwill, & various other websites, but hadn't found anything.  Then, I happened to look on Craigslist and found a HUGE amount of yarn a lady had posted for $100.  Well, I had saved my  birthday money and some money from Christmas and got in touch with the lady.  Turns out, she had 4 black garbage bags of yarn of various colors and styles . . . all of which I could TOTALLY use!  I picked it up and was amazed at all of the kinds of yarn she had.  I could hardly believe my good fortune!  But, I know my GOD IS GOOD, ALL OF THE TIME!  And I was giddy the whole drive home.  I couldn't wait to show my family!  I mean, it's not like they would be excited about the yarn, but about my story.

I shared this with my son when he got home from school & he laughed and said,  "Gee MOM, I've never seen someone so happy about yarn!"  But, he knew that it wasn't just the yarn.

So, I share this with you all simply to say . . . DO NOT hesitate in your prayers.  God hears ALL of them . . . even the ones YOU may think are silly or small.  NO prayer is silly or small to GOD.

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