Sunday, May 17, 2015

Silent Friend

A few weeks ago my husband and I were discussing the possibility of getting a puppy.  We decided to apply for adoption with one of the rescue groups,  locally.  We did not hear from them for a few weeks so we decided to look elsewhere.  We found another puppy locally, went to visit it and also got to meet a few we others that were available.  I really fell for a little quiet blue pup.  But my husband sort of liked a different one, too.   After spending about an hour with them, we went home and prayed about it.  I was not sure if this was the pup for our family or not.  I needed for God to give me some kind of a sign.

The next morning, my husband asked me which one I thought we should get.  I told him that I was still not 100% sure, but felt like the blue one was for our family.  My son asked me the same thing.  I told him what I had said to his dad.  He really liked the blue one, too.  So, I took him to school and my husband had left for work.  All day, I thought about the possibility of adopting one of the pups from the day before.  But my mind kept wandering from pup to pup.

Finally, I laid down for a brief nap, because of a headache.  When I woke up, a strange thing happened . . . odd names started coming to mind.  Juno.  Gage.  Then, the thought of  "silent one" came to mind.  This led me to getting online and looking up names that meant "silent one".  Nothing really came up for a boy. (that is what the pups were, boys)  Then I put in "silent".  The name "Mykelti" came up.  It means "silent friend".  It was given to a famous person by his (indian) Blackfoot grandfather.  THIS was my sign.  My husband's father was part Indian and God spoke to me on a few occasions through him.  So the BLUE pup it would be.

I told my son about everything & he agreed it was the sign I was looking for.  He and his grandfather had a very close bond.  We went and picked him up that evening.  On the way home my son asked if he could name him "Pepper".  This is totally something that my father in law would have encouraged.  So, his formal name is Mykelti - but we all call him Pepper.
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