Monday, September 14, 2009

Letter from HELL

This is one of those videos that I keep watching to remind myself to ALWAYS share my faith in JESUS!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Heart & Mouth

Taking my son to school the other day, I came across a church light board that had this on it:

"The window to your heart is through your mouth"

It really made me think. What things do I say that reflect my heart is for Jesus? More importantly: What things do I say that DON'T reflect that?

So many Christians are labeled as hypocrites and it is no wonder. They live a different way throughout the week than they do on Sunday. They talk about going out to the club and getting drunk and sleeping around and then act all "spiritual" and sing praises in church on Sunday morning. Some of them always have something negative to say about others. OR When they hear someone say something about another person that is not so flattering, they chime in with agreement or add their negative information to the conversation.

Can you imagine how this sounds to Jesus?

What about you?

Do you talk about others?
Do you ALWAYS have something nice to say about someone?
Do you take up for others, when others are saying something negative about someone?
OR Do you join in the negative conversation?

Stop for a minute and think about something that you have said about someone TODAY.

Is it something that would make JESUS happy?

"The window to your heart is through your mouth"
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