Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hormones & Houses

We are trying for #2 and I refuse to take any of my meds, as I feel that since they are not life sustaining medications ...I want to give our baby a fair chance at being healthy. But, wow... the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it all. God Bless my husband! If I had to put up with me during this phase, I think I would have to scream!

He is so patient and kind. Even when he gets frustrated or overwhelmed, he is generally mindful of his actions and reactions. At least when I know for certain whether I'm pregnant or not, it will not be as difficult. Being 38 and working on only #2 is frustrating, but enjoyable. I mean, I had wanted a lot of children, but didn't realize it until I realized that a "Corporate Career" was NOT what I wanted and that didn't come into my realization until I was 35...pretty funny, huh?!

I can't help but wonder, since I have been extremely tired and have been having crazy crazy nightmares! That is what happened when I was pregnant with Eli. I had never had such strange dreams! Not even when I would eat right before bed. (That is when I would have nightmares before I was pregnant) Oh well.

My step sister AND my brother are both buying houses for the first time. I am so excited for them! I remember what that was like! Even the aggravation of all of the stuff you had to get together for the mortgage company was exciting to me. Both of them have been blessed to find such nice homes and such reasonable prices in today's economy! I can't wait to see them once they have moved in and gotten settled! Both of these homes are awesome!

The pictures I saw of my sis's home is exactly what I would have bought for myself if I had the same opportunity when I bought my first house. It is really nice and has a big yard for kids : ) And the fireplace makes the house seem so inviting!

The house my brother is buying, I have actually been in once before, many, many years ago. He is purchasing it from an estate sale of one of his friend's whom recently passed away. It could not have been bought by a more perfect person to live there. He had leved there at one time and had done a lot of landscaping and planted a huge herb garden... he used to be a chef and still enjoys cooking alot!

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