Thursday, January 15, 2009

What do YOU think?

"Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. James 4:7

Recently, I have noticed that several of my Christian friends are going through some really difficult times. Whether it be financial, health, or family issues. . . everyone has got "something" going on in their lives. This really hit me just before the holidays.

I see the devil working hard to distract God's people right now. I know, he has been working at it for most of his life. But have you stepped back to take notice of all that is going on around you? I was sitting in my home office the other day, looking out the window, remembering when I was young and the issues we dealt with in our day. They are miniscule compared to what our children have in front of them. I used to wonder what it was like for my grandmother to have seen so much happen in her life time. . . now I know. I mean, there were no TVs when she was a kid, and their phones were what we now call "vintage". I liken that to what I have seen in my lifetime:
  • TV sets have gone from the typical "floor model" to hanging them on the wall
  • Floor stereos that had a turntable & 8 track are now ipods
  • We can now carry our phone with us where ever we go
  • Our cars can be tracked via GPS
  • A 1500 sg ft home when I was a kid was about $55000. Now, it is $165000.
  • The latest "toys" for kids are electronics
  • Atari has evolved into XBox
  • Clothing styles have gone through 2 cycles, full circle

These were just a few of the things that most people my age would be able to come up with pretty easily. But, some of the things that really bother me are:

  • How easily it is for most people to watch TV & movies that have such "filth" in them
  • How busy people are that they do not have time to visit their neighbor
  • How some think that "we deserve everything" and forget about those less fortunate
  • How open people are about their sins, and unrepentance of those sins
  • The TV shows that once did not have a curse word, now are riddled with them and various other things of ill repute
  • How kids today have to deal with gangs, drugs, guns, etc AT SCHOOL
  • People now think that they are "entitled" to whatever they want to buy and will put it on credit to get it. . . never thinking about how much the item is REALLY going to cost
  • How hated Christians are for our belief in the BIBLE and what it says, yet any other religion is "off limits" for anything negative to be said about it
  • How God has been taken out of the very things that we grew up knowing He was a part of

Well, I could go on and on. . . but I think you get my point. The moral decline in our country today is holding true to what the Bible says about the last days. Many people are following "false" teachings and "false" prophets. God told his apostles "Take heed so that no man will deceive you". I think that statement is needed even more today!

Take heed dear one, the time is nigh and it is IMPERATIVE that you stay in the WORD of God! Read your Bible every day, Pray every day, show Mercy to others. People, it is time to wake up and hear the call of God. He loves you and wants you to be with Him in His kingdom someday. He loves you so much, that he sent His ONLY son for you. He is the ONLY way. Do NOT let anyone tell you any different. If you are truly seeking and want to find out more about God, He WILL reveal himself to you. You will come upon irrefutable evidence that HE is THE ONLY WAY!

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