Friday, September 19, 2008

Politics & Religion

Ok, so today I was listening to one of my favorite radios shows and the host said that he had an odd feeling that something was going to "break loose" before the election on Nov 2nd. He asked for others to call in and say if they felt the same way and what it was that they thought might happen. He also asked for any "conspiracy theorists" to call in if they felt like there may be something to what they were thinking.

Well, some of the calls were just funny, while others really made you think. One of the callers said something that was rather controversial. . . he said that he wondered "how someone could take the name of Barack Hussein Obama and then become a "Christian" without ever changing his name?" He also said "What better plan could "Al Queda" have than to have one of their own "pose as a "Christian" for years, convince others of that and then to run for President?" Talk about a "conspiracy theory"!

I was surprised at some of the things that people said and believed. It was kind of scary to even think about some of the things that they said. I mean, seriously, if you think about it long enough the stuff gets your mind wandering.

I admit, I am not really pleased with ANY of the choices we have out there on the ticket. . . However, I believe that McCain/Palin is the best choice we have as Americans AND followers of Christ...

The only thing Obama ever did was to be a "community planner" whoopee! Big Deal! I have done similar tasks. I can't believe that any follower of Christ would even consider voting for Obama. I have a hard time believing that he wasn't affected by his pastor's teachings in the church. I mean, good grief. . . Obama said that Wright was his MENTOR for gosh sakes! I don't think that is a good sign! the Rev. Wright obviously has racial issues and does not truly love his "brother", unless they are of the same ethnicity.

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The Mommy said...

"community planner" whopee? Look up the job description for "senator" and then decide if Mr. Obama has "ever done anything"...

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