Wednesday, August 6, 2008

God's ways are not our ways. . .

Ever wonder why God has you in the situation that you are in? I used to. But every time something different happens, I now find myself looking at it very differently.

I was in a really difficult situation earlier this year. I needed additional funds to pay off some bills, so I got a J-O-B close to home. It was just enough to pay off some of my Business debt that I had incurred last year when I tried to start a business. The thing is, I was working with this really nice Office Manager and she & I got along great. Unfortunately, the owner's wife apparently did not like me.

I should have known that something was not quite right when all they ever talked about was the prior people that had worked there and they didn't have a nice thing to say about any of them.

Then, on one occasion she told me to blow my nose, when I had just returned from the restroom doing just that, and said that I was "sniffing" too much. On another occasion she made comments on my "cough". (I have mold allergies and the mold count was really high, hence causing me to cough) On another occasion she heard me eating M&Ms and had to make some snide remark about that. There were also comments about how she wanted to see me "overcome this" weight issue. Funny thing is, I didn't ask her. These are only a few of the things I had to listen to.

What finally did it for me was when she called me a liar and then got really snippy with me in front of her husband AND the office manager. I quietly sat down and proceeded to write my letter of resignation. Unfortunately, I chose to wait until they returned from out of town 2 days later to discuss it with her and she said that she just didn't feel that things were working out. Oh, thank GOD I thought I was totally losing my mind! I asked her if she was willing to accept my resignation or if she was firing me and she said that she would accept it. SO she told me to email it to her for my file. Sad thing is, she lied to her husband and said that I asked if she would accept it so that it wouldn't look bad on my employment record (which I never even mentioned) and her husband emailed me with "Apparently you don't understand what transpired on such & such a date" he then proceeded to tell me that I had been "fired". OK, whatever. . . Does it really matter?

God obviously had me there for some reason, whether it was for me to learn from them or them to learn from me OR BOTH. It was not even worth it to write back a response. I felt that it was just best to leave it as it is. I just simply pray for them and ask God to continue to chip away at their hearts. Sadly, I now understand what it means when I read the verse in the Bible that talks about how difficult it is for the "rich" to get into Heaven. All they ever worried about was money. You never heard them talk about their "concern" for a person. Only sarcastic comments about people and nothing nice to say.

I don't harbor any resentment toward them and I know that somewhere deep inside that they have love in their hearts and God can touch people unlike anyone else. I am thankful that I got to be a part of their world for a little while. I definitely have been humbled.

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