Thursday, June 26, 2008

Job's Life

Things have been pretty tough lately:

My husband's back finally went completely out on him and he can't feel in his right leg and has excruciating pain in his testicular area. He also has 3 seperate locations in his back that he has excruciating pain in. He was taken to the ER on Tueseday, they told him to go to his PCP and also to an Orthopaedic surgeon. So, he went to his PCP Wednesday to get a referral to the Orthopaedist and they examined him and referred him to a Neuro surgeon instead. Then they decided that he should go ahead & see the Ortho since he already had an appt for them, but keep the MRI appointment on Monday.

Well, he went to see the Ortho Dr and the Dr was really rude and condescending to my husband. My mother went with him since I couldn't go and she said that the Dr was horribly arrogant & rude to my husband. Thankfully, my husband is a man of God and he was able to keep his cool. The Dr basically told him that he is a liar, that there is no way he could be standing if he was in that kind of pain, and that he was fat.

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