Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wonderful Weekend!

Well, we had a wonderful weekend! My birthday was great! We spent time with each other and my husband got me the most exquisite bouquet of flowers... Gerbera Daisies, roses, cala-lillies, pink day lillies, wow~! His mom is a floral designer & he had her create it for me. My mom got me the prettiest Garnet earrings & card, and from my little guy, I received earrings, a necklace, & 3 bracelets. My mother in law also sent me the most beautiful bamboo plant! (Finally something I can't kill, LOL)

Sunday was really nice. We had friends in from NY and they brought me a birthday cake & icecream! Our son had the best time too! He really misses them. They just moved back to NY last Fall. We ALL really miss them.

So, how was your MLK Day? DH had to work, and I spent the day with a sick little guy. Breathing treatments and the whole works. This weather has really been the pits lately. I wish it would get cold enough to kill off some of the germs that we have around here! He has kept a cough all winter long. We finally got to go out for dinner last evening to our favorite local cafe, Hatcher's Diner. We were hoping to see Ms. Sylvia, so that our little guy could tell her hello, but she wasn't there.

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Rona's Home Page said...

Glad to hear that you had a terrific birthday. Happy Belated Birthday wishes.

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