Friday, January 12, 2007

Aspartame, Allergies, & Non-Stick Cookware

It's really funny ~ my step-sister has always been BIG into environmental issues and safe products, but now that I have a child, I REALLY see the necessity in it. I mean, now I won't use cooking pots & pans that have the non-stick stuff in it, I also won't re-heat my food in the microwave inside of a plastic container, we drink only well-water. I buy my vegetables from local organic farmers and the meat I purchase is hormone free. The reality of this is that the items do not cost any more than what we would spend at a local grocer for items that were not as safe and I am doing something much better for my family.

I was tested several years ago for allergies and found that most of what I was eating, I was allergic to. Ironic, huh!?! Beef, Potatoes, Citrus, Cinnamon, & Peanuts. This also caused me to gain an exhorbitant amount of weight over the years. I had not realized how something so trivial could be so important to my health. When I stopped eating the things I was allergic to, I started to feel better & slowly weight began to come off.

Then, a little over a year ago, I stopped drinking diet soda because of several articles that I had come across touting that aspartame was not good for you and could cause problems with your health. I had been having problems with my knees all of my life & drank mostly diet softdrinks...after a few weeks without any, I NO LONGER HAD KNEE PAIN!!! I have been pain free since then!

Unfortunately, I turned to REGULAR soda shortly after that & gained, I started drinking only water & unsweet tea and slowly removing refined sugars from my diet and anything that had "high fructose corn syrup". I have lost 70 punds in one year from making these simple changes...and I NEVER FEEL DEPRIVED! I actually feel a million times better than I ever have! I recently proved to myself AGAIN why I try to stay away from refined sugar... we stopped at a local ice cream parlor that makes their own icecream...I decided that I would get a small scoop of their chocolate rasberry truffle... within an hour I was feeling yucky & ended up taking a nap for 2 hours...Turned in to a very VIVID reminder of why I don't eat this stuff anymore!


My son , husband, & I have issues with asthma type symptoms & allergies and my son & I have very sensitive skin.

I noticed that every time I would use any type of cleaning products throughout the house to clean, that we would all have some type of problem... whether is was my husband having difficulty breathing, my son coughing, or our skin producing a rash. I searched & searched for ways to clean without using toxic chemicals, but could not find anything that worked very well. Then I remembered my mom using some products when I was very young & they always worked and did not cause any negative reactions. So, one day while looking for a way to work from home, I got a phonecall from two ladies that "re-introduced" me to those products!

Now, I can safely say that my home is as clean as ever, we are not having ANY negative reactions to my cleaning products, and I am earning a respectable income by sharing this opportunity with others!

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