Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oversize T-shirts and the like

Life is good!

I had to laugh, today.... I took a new extra work t-shirt home to my 2 year old last night (2 of the same shirt) Well, after he saw them he had to have me put one on him after his bath. So he slept in this really huge, adult size small, t-shirt and when he woke up he told me that he wanted to wear it to school... LOL Needless to say, we had to put the other one on over top of his clothes today for him to wear it at school. 2 years old!!! And he already has a mind of his own. My mom says that I am getting back what I gave all of those years ago. ; )

We are supposed to get snow today. I wish we WOULD! Everyone I know has been sick with one thing or another and it's because it has not gotten cold enough to kill off some of these germs. Little guy is still on breathing treatments. I don't know how some parents do it. I mean, I have insurance and the RX was still over $100... and that is just for 10 days. I sure am glad that he doesn't need them that often. I think we would go broke.

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