Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Have you ever thought about what your "testimony" is?

All Christians have one... but in reading some other blogs today, I realized that some Christians feel as if they don't have a very good testimony because it's not something that is "exciting"... like someone who was transformed from a life of crime or man that has turned away from homosexuality and now has a huge mission. But, what I think that people fail to realize is that you don't have to have some BIG testimony that you write books about. I mean, look at our every day lives as Christians. Many of us don't even think about our day, because we have no real control over it, so we take it as it comes and pray for strength to get through whatever life slings our way. But did you ever stop to think that YOUR testimony may be what someone needs to hear that is in the same position as you once were?

I look back on my life and see the many mistakes that I made and I don't want my children to make the same kind of mistakes. If I had had a stronger relationship with Christ and truly understood what that meant, then maybe I would not have made many of those mistakes. It wasn't for God's lack of trying... I mean, he gave me several opportunities, but as I got older, my family did not make it something that was part of our everyday life in the way that I do today. We said prayers at the dinner table and at bedtime, but never really understood why and how powerful prayers are, until now.

It took a horrible divorce from a cheating spouse when I was 28 years old, to really open my eyes and turn EVERYTHING over to God. I struggled with ever wanting to marry again since I didn't believe in divorce and I didn't have any children. The more I turned over to God, the more He opened my eyes to His plan for my life.

It still amazes me every time He shows me something new. For example, I have had a lot of health problems over the past couple of years and have really wanted to be a stay at home mom with our son, but just didn't think that it was possible. Finally, after the "last straw" in the summer of 2006, I prayed a very specific prayer... "God, please show me what it is that you want for me...show me and I will follow whatever it is...make it VERY CLEAR to me so that there will be no doubt in my mind what it is that you want me to do...and let me be able to pay off ALL of our debt, including our new home mortgage within 5-7 years so that we can do more of YOUR work in our community & church" I found out the very next morning that my department was being done away with and I would be without a job/income sometime after the first of the year & that the severance package was not going to be that great. Well, I laughed because I knew that this was definitely an answer that I had been praying about, since I had started an at home business and really preferred working from home anyway. So I went home and prayed about the severance package and a couple of weeks later, I found out that it changed to a much better package. ; ) Funny how He works, huh?

When I returned to work after the holidays, I didn't find out until mid January that my last day would be March 18th and I would have an income coming in until the end of May... plenty of time to build my home based business and more than replace my income. WOW! God is so good! He eases our minds before we even can think about it!

So... don't hesitate to share your "testimony" with whomever God puts on your heart...you never know who you may be helping!

Put Christ at the center of everything in your lives! He will NEVER fail you.

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