Monday, November 4, 2013

Praise HIM in The Storms of LIFE!

I believe that God is good ALL of the time and that we simply just need to ASK and BELIEVE. If it is in HIS plan, we will RECEIVE! 
He has blessed me with LIFE!

I know I am not perfect. But every day I ask God to change my heart and mind into what HE has planned for me and bind my tongue so that I may not hurt someone with my words. I want to be ALL that God has planned for me and wants me to be....
I want to be the mom, wife, sister, friend, daughter, etc that he MADE me to be. And the only way that is going to happen is by my constant prayers, repentance, and staying in HIS word.

I know that I am blessed and God has shown that to me again and again.
Evidence of that can be seen in just the past two weeks.

~ I went to pre-op appointment & the Dr found a heart murmur. I went to the cardiologist & he diagnosed it as a benign murmur, but is going to put me on a monitor for 4-6 weeks to check it out anyway.
~ When I was being prepped for surgery, they found that I was anemic. My Hemoglobin was 8.0 Not a good number before surgery, so I had to sign a consent form for a transfusion, but NONE was needed.
~ When I came out of surgery, I had some type of a reaction to one of the meds and could not stop scratching my face. They gave me something for it & it helped.
~ When I was in Recovery, I stopped breathing several times and scared the nurse so bad that she stood over me & every time I would start to fall asleep she would say "Breathe" "Breathe" . . . finally was told that I must have sleep apnea. So will be checking into a sleep study soon.
~ The polyp that was removed from my sinus was so large that it was pressing on the back of my throat and caused a constant tickle in my throat and changed my singing.  Now that it is gone, I have had NO pain from the surgery AND I can BREATHE and SING once again!!!

So friends, do NOT be disheartened when stuff happens in your life. TRUST God to take care of what needs to be taken care of and ask HIM for revelation as to what HE wants from YOU! I know that looking at things this way has changed me tremendodusly!
Praise HIM in the STORMS of life!!!!!

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