Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Day In The Life. . .

Things have been quite crazy lately. I know, so what else is new?! John hass been really sick and was put in the hospital last Wednesday. They released him on Saturday, so I set up an appointment with his primary care Dr. Well, she was NOT happy that they Dr at the hospital released him AND he was NEVER seen by a Pulmonary Specialist. NOT GOOD! So, SHE set up a chest X-Ray with contrast and an appointment with a Pulmonary Specialist for today. It seems like everything that happens to John is always something like that. The same kind of craziness occurred when he went to an orthopedic surgeon for his back. The guy called John a liar and then when he got the results back from the MRI, he found that John was in fact NOT lying and that he DEFINITELY had reason to be in pain. He has 3 herniated discs and degeneration in his back. Any way, that's a whole other story.

So, this morning he has the X-Ray and this afternoon is the appointment with the specialist. So many things could be wrong. . .or right. But, when I found out about all of this last night when I got home, I was reminded of another story that I had read online. It must be why God directed me to it. It was husband writing about his wife and what it was like when they found out she had cancer. She went through treatments and they were able to get through it knowing that either way “she wins”. (If she made it through the chemo & surgery OR if she died.) She ended up living another four years and then, when it was time, she died. You see, they both knew that if she made it, she would have a little more time with her family. But, if she died, then she would be with the Father above and no longer suffering. Either way, she won!

I know that no matter what the Dr has to say today, that God will get us through it and He is in control of EVERYTHING. Funny how things aren’t as difficult to face, when you KNOW that. Now you might be thinking, so what?. . . big deal. . . he has an appt with a specialist. But, what you may not understand is this: The specialist handles serious respiratory issues like COPD, lung cancer, etc. So, the prognosis is likely not a good one. However, God is good and merciful. He will keep us strong through whatever we are to go through. I know this because of the many other things that we have gone through.

1. Shortly after we were married, I became pregnant. I miscarried just before the 2nd trimester.
2. When our son was about 5 months old, he was diagnosed with E-Coli in his kidneys. The Drs were amazed that he was even alive, as sick as he was. (The power of prayer is amazing!) he is now 4 1/2 yrs old!
3. A year after I had my son, I almost died from hemorrhaging when my hemoglobin dropped below 5 and my heart was skipping beats. I had to have 3 D&Cs in the timeframe of 2 years in order to get my “mommy parts” working properly again.

See what I mean? These were not “little” things by any imagination. However, as always God got us through. And these are only a couple of things. We have had something crazy occur at least three or four times a year. But, like Job, we will NOT falter. Jesus Christ is our Savior and HE is the ONLY way to Heaven! He keeps us strong and died for us. SO, no matter what we have to endure here on earth, we know that one day we will be with HIM and all of this isn’t going to matter.

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