Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Top 5 Dogs for Families with Kids

Oh yes, that is what I said. . . PUPPY! Working around dogs all day has made me really want a Boxer! My neighbors have 3 and they are absolutely beautiful. And the one at the office is an absolute big BABY! I have been reading up on the breed and how their temperament is with children and they are rated as one of the TOP 5 dogs for families with kids.

Well, unbeknownst to me, my dear hubby was researching them, too. he said that when he realized how much I wanted a puppy for our family that he wanted to check into the breed a little more. Turns out that he was just as excited about getting a new pup as I was. : )

So, we drove over 300 miles this weekend and looked at puppies. We ended up coming back to the very first litter and getting the one that my husband fell in love with first. She is absolutely adorable. I had originally wanted a Brindle, but when we saw Sugar, we just fell in love with her. Even though there is a higher incidence of deafness in White Boxers, we chose a white one. We figured that she was the one that God wanted us to have, so regardless of any issues that may arise, she is our newest baby!

She has slept like a rock both nights and she did really well in her crate last nite. My husband was like a kid with a new toy. . . he picked up a crate, lead, collar, and book on his way home last nite. : ) I guess he was a little excited. She was outside with us most of the evening and followed us around as we watered the flowers and Elijah played with her.

I'll post a pic later.....

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