Sunday, April 27, 2008

You Are CALLED To Be An Example Of Christ

How many times have you heard a "fire & brimstone" sermon?
Ever seen some other "christian" protesting about some sin or another and yelling get right up in someone's face???
Do you think that these things are ok with God? Do you think that it is ok to point out others sins and scream at them about how they will be going to HELL?!?

I am asking you this because some people protest in the name of JESUS, yet forget that He is a God of LOVE. He says so in Corinthians and in various parts throughout the Bible. The GREATEST commandment is LOVE. Sharing the word of God does not have to be an "impending doom" conversation. I think as Christians, people get caught up in the fact that by continuing to sin that they are not right with God and want to force that same feeling on others. But what we must remember is a sin is a sin is a sin. Doesn't matter how bad YOU think the sin is, it is ALL sin in the eyes of God. AND it can ALL be forgiven. Whether you have lied to someone, stolen something, committed a sexual sin, or killed someone. . . God doesn't look at is as if one is worse than the other.

Jesus died for ALL of our sins and we simply need to seek Him and ask forgiveness. He LOVES you and wants you to be with him in Heaven. Are you ready? Do you know Him? Where are you going when you die?

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