Wednesday, April 23, 2008

FLDS Nightmare

SAD. . . SAD. . . SAD
I am so sad to see this whole story, but thankful that someone has done something to get these kids the REAL help they need.

You are probably saying to yourself, what business is it of mine? Well, there are several things wrong with this picture. . .

First of all, as a mother it breaks my heart to see kids abused in ANY sort of way. Teaching young girls that it is NORMAL to be given away in marriage and have babies at the young age of 12 - 14 is ABUSE. If you don't believe that this sort of thing happens, then read the book "Escape" by Carloyn Jessop. I know that after I read this book, I had a very different perspective about the whole issue of their "religion".

Secondly, we are not in some 3rd world country that does not have laws. Why are these people any different than anyone else in the United States?!? You simply cannot say that it is none of our buisiness because of "religion" I believe that everyone has a RIGHT to believe however they want to, but when it affects another human being in a physically NEGATIVE way, then it is time to intervene. I mean, it's one thing to say that they don't "believe" a certain way, but quite another to commit the dispicable acts that they have been accused of.

My prayers are with the children and the young girl that was the one to contact the authorities. If I could talk to her, I would take her into our home and raise her with my family. She would NEVER have to worry about being "married off" to some old man, or to ANYONE for that matter. . . SHE would have the opportunity to meet others and make her own choice about marriage. God Bless her for standing up for what is RIGHT and JUST!

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