Thursday, January 10, 2008

Business Opportunities and Life?!?

I have been part of several different business opportunities and have had different results with each of them.

I have been scammed by a few and completely lost on HOW to do things with others.

No matter what opportunity you choose. . . You MUST have a good leader!!! If you think that you can sign up with just ANYONE in the business you are interested in AND be successful, then you are sadly mistaken. Don't get me wrong, you might get lucky and sign up under the right person, but more often than not, that doesn't happen.

Let me tell you a little story about when I started looking for ways to work from home in SUMMER of 2006:

FIRST: During that summer, I mistakenly signed up with a "travel company" that has GREAT benefits. . . but my "upline" could not show me HOW to be successful. I felt duped! A couple of thousand dollars later and over a year into it, I dropped it. Major LOSS!

SECOND: I signed up with an International health & Wellness company that I am VERY PLEASED with and continue to use their products myself. I have grown a nice team with this business and I am extremely supportive of my team members and all of their team members. Several have become VERY SUCCESSFUL! My upline is TREMENDOUSLY helpful and I can call them on the phone anytime that I need help. They understand what it is to really be a "TEAM"!

THIRD: I purchased a publication for the area in which I live, for local small business owners to advertise their businesses. It is a Full Color publication and is free to pick up. The advertising is VERY reasonable, but there is a lot of competition for advertising. I still do it though. : )

FOURTH: I signed up with a Weight Loss company and was very happy with the product. I still use it AND love it! But, had trouble marketing it myself. My upline is great and they are supportive, but I can't figure out how to market the stuff myself.

ANYWAY. . . My point is this, If you are serious about starting a business from home, then you really really really really, did I say really?!? need to do some research into finding out who is who in the company ranks and who REALLY helps their team members become successful. You want to find a leader that will work with you til you get the hang of things and is willing to walk you through the steps that it takes.

I love working from home and I love helping other people be able to do the same thing. It takes time and effort. It is not something that you can just "pay to get in and hope it works". Too many people have the mindset that if they pay for something, that it will work. . . but they forget that it TAKES work to make it work.

I've been blessed to work with and know some really wonderful leaders in several different industries. If you are interested in a specific company, feel free to email me and I will let you know if I know a good point of contact.

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