Saturday, September 22, 2007

Weekend at Pappaws

Well, we made it!
Eli & I drove to WV to visit my dad & step-mom and he was GREAT on the whole ride here. I was not so sure how he would do for a long trip, but he did really well. Normally he says after about 20 minutes, "this is a really long drive". . . but not this time.

He was so happy to so them. He was bouncing off the walls last night and this morning he got up at 8:00 and wanted them up too.

SO far, he has walked around the neighborhood with them about a dozen times, tried to find the kitty's, keep up with the dog, played in the swing on the porch, and gathered flower seeds for him to take home & plant. He is really enjoying himself.

Today his uncle Joe & uncle Rob are supposed to ome over to see him and spend time with us. We will likely cook out or something. Maybe even make some s'mores.

Anywhoooo....have a blessed day & enjoy your weekend!!!

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