Monday, September 24, 2007

Great Weekend!

Well, we are back home and made good time on the road. Not a lot of traffic on Mondays! I will definitely remember that for our next mini trip. Eli had a wonderful time with his Mammaw & Pappaw, uncle Joe, & aunt Anne! He & his uncle Joe really had a blast. They were so funny together! It was so fun to watch him with each person... but one of the coolest things was how quickly he took to my step mom's dad. It was really neat to see them interact and to watch how gentle Eli was with him when he was around.

Eli really stuck to his Pappaw, too. Like glue. He talked about going back to visit on the whole trip home. We will definitely be going a lot more often now that I have seen how well he travels. AND he was so good in the van! No arguing, no fussing, and used his manners. Very pleasant trip indeed! I love the fact that it was a smooth trip. Now I won't be so apprehensive about going that far again.

I think next time we will plan something specific to do so that he can interact with his mammaw & pappaw on a different level, other than "hyped up 3 year old".

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