Saturday, July 28, 2007

Earn commissions on everything in your OWN mall!

While looking to add things to my work at home mom site to help other moms earn from home, I found this special brand-new concept. You have GOT TO GET IN NOW!!! Don't you wish you had bought Microsoft stock in the 1980's? Well, this is a ground-floor opportunity like that was -except this is totally FREE! Company has only been up and running about 3 months (in the planning for 5 years) and is exploding!! Macy's, Sears,Target (over 1000 stores) are participating in this venture-which speaks to its legitimacy.

Ginny Dye, our founder, will soon be taking this to television and the new people recruited for My Power Mall will be distributed under those who are already enrolled. This is like winning the lottery - get in now- your base will be ready-made for you. This is a fantastic opportunity - and I have been duped in the past - I refuse to do that to anyone else. Keep in touch with me, I will relish in your success as much as my own.

You really owe it to yourself and your family to take a few minutes to view a video about the hottest new way to make great money. The company is also very much into donating money to worthy causes. Great company to work with. Never a fee for anything. Don't kick yourself a year from now for passing this up. JUST ANNOUNCED -- SOON WE'll BE ABLE TO BUY GROCERIES ON MY POWERMALL - this is huge!! May be done through gift cards then taken to grocery stores - THIS IS HUGE!!!!

The video presentation is well worth your time!

Blessings to you!

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