Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Ok, so I have been looking for different wholesalers of products that I can purchase items from to sell, locally. We have a few weekend markets that are accepting sign-ups for boothes and I would like to be able to offer the best prices to the locals, since we live in such a rural area. I cannot even find someone to recommend a good source that does not require a huge purchase or a monthly membership fee?! If anyone out there knows of a good supplier, I promise, I will not be your competition and I will not share the wholesaler info with anyone. I just need to be able to help out my community.

I have been advertising on a few local boards in our commuity and online in several locations for my work from home business. Are you a work from home mom? Are you having difficulty advertising on the "net"? I joined the MOMPack, and it is a great resource for those that are trying to expand their business outside of their local area. I have a link to it below, and NO I don't get any kind of profit for referring you to them... I am just sharing it since it has proven to be a good source. I am also willing to post other business people's cards in our local library and other places that I visit and place my ads. If interested contact me via this blog.


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