Sunday, February 11, 2007

So much going on

Well, things are going pretty crazy as computer is on the fritz and I have 40 some people to call that are interested in working from home. It's really great at how many people are interested in working from home. I know when I was looking for something, it seemed to take forever to find something that was duplicatable and REALLY had true support from my peers. The team I work with is awesome! We help each other every day with phone calls and sharing our opportunity. I am so thankful for God giving me this opportunity to help other moms learn how they can work from home and do it without spending a whole lot of time away from their families and not spending a whole bunch 0f money. For the first time since I have been married (2002) I have been able to keep the house up, the laundry done, dinner on the table, and family time every evening. WOW! God is so good! Praise His Name!!!

Dear hubby has an awful upper respiratory infection...and little man has gotten a really bad cough. I wonder if we will ever get out of the "sick season"???? My mom is even sick & has a really bad cold & sinus infection. Seems like every time we turn around one of us is ill.

Got some good news father in law may get out of the hospital this week. He was re-admitted last week due to a high fever & he had some sort of infection and his white count was up really high. He got 2 pints of blood and his hemoglobin is up to 9 now. We are praying for it to coninue to rise. I am really looking forward for him to get back on his feet again...and I know he is looking forward to it, too. He was really surprised that everything went so well. Amazing how prayer works, huh? : ) Little man misses him. But since he has been sick wiht one ailment or another, we have kept him away so that he didn't give "Big Daddy" any thing else to deal with. He is going tohave to go through one more round of chemo to ensure that there are no stray cancer cells and then, prayerfully, he will be done.

Saw a really great presentation this past Friday and met a wonderful lady. She shared an opportunity with me that is absolutely incredible. I am going to have to wait until I can get together some more money to invest in it. I will continue to pray about it and ask God for his guidance and if it is something that He wants me to persue, then I will be given the opportunity to do so. I am so happy that I have learned how to turn everything over to Him. I used to think that I was doing that, but last summer, I realized that I really wasn't. I prayed a lot and read the bible alot, and realized that I only had to hand it over to Him and I could feel like a new -person... and that is what I do now. Now, don't get me wrong... sometimes it is really hard, because human nature is to try & fix everything yourself. But, God is soooooo much better at fixing things!

Blessed to be a blessing!!

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