Friday, January 5, 2007

What have you done for someone else lately?

Did you do something over the holidays that showed someone that Christ loves them?

Several people that I know volunteered at the local Salvation Army Distribution center over the holidays. A few of them had a "not so pleasant" experience, while others really got to see how much they were appreciated.

The ones with the unpleasant experience said that they had a mom that came to pick up gifts for her child and was LIVID and verbally abusive because she did not get the EXACT bicycle that she wanted. This left a really bad taste in my friends mouth for volunteering there ever again.

This was really an opportunity for her to show the love of Christ....not everyone reacts in that way and there is always one or two people in every family that feel like they area entitled to more or better than anyone else.

The ones with the good experience, had a mother thank them profusely for all of the help that she was receiving by getting the gifts for her children. They were not going to have anything else other than what she was getting through Salvation Army. This really made them happy to volunteer.

It has crossed my mind that we tend to do more for others during the holidays than at any other time. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone gave a gift to someone that they did not know on their own birthday instead of receiving presents? This is something that I am implementing with my child. I want him to experience the joy of giving. I know that family members will get him gifts, but he & I will be going shopping for a homeless person or someone that we know is in need. I want him to see the joy that he can bring to others by sharing God's love with them. Especially with those that tend to get overlooked. God doesn't overlook anyone.

I remember one time, my mom was working in a call center and while she & some of her co-workers were waiting in between calls, they knitted & crocheted winter caps for the homeless. How blessed we are to have a roof over our heads and more than a change of clothes.

Each and every person that we meet we should treat as our brother or sister. God loves us all and he didn't hang out with the "Rich and Famous"... He was around the lowly and despised...prostitutes, beggars, lepers and the like.

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