Saturday, January 5, 2008

Another Surgery. . .

Well, I made it through another surgery. Everything looks good & the pathology report will be back sometime the middle of next week. God is so good! I was blessed to have the same anesthesiologist that I had in 2005! He is really good! And the Dr. said she felt that everything looked really good. She doesn't expect anything to come up on the report. I don't either. I was a little surprised that no-one called to check on me. But then again, I don't remember if I even told anyone other than a few of my co-workers. HE HE HE

Maybe now we can work on building our family... God willing. If not, then that is fine too, since I know how BLESSED I am to already have such a wonderful family!!!

I also got my van back from Toyota. They covered everything under the Class Action Settlement from January 2007. Yet, another miracle! See what I mean?!? God IS so good! It would have cost me over $6000 to repair it with a used engine and Toyota put in a NEW one and covered it all! It really pays to keep good records on ALL service on your vehicle. I will only get my service done at the dealership, now.

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